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Activating the Isaac Promise into Your Business by Sharon Gonzales.   Despite today’s economic rollercoaster, Christian businessmen and women can find strong scriptural precedent in Genesis 26:1-33 for protection from the world’s financial system.  In Genesis 26 Isaac (the story’s main character and the son of Abraham) lived in a region rifled with famine, yet he prospered… continued

Bringing God’s Kingdom to the Marketplace by Ed Silvoso.  “When we see our mission as ambassadors of Christ, who came to seek, save and restore what was lost from God’s original creation on earth, we have the faith that God will empower us to affect our workplaces. As we care for God ’s creation, our labor becomes an act of worship to God.”  gods_kingdom_marketplace_silvoso.pdf

Does God Call Us to Our Specific Vocations to Fulfill His Purposes? by Julie Matula.  “I find that most people rarely consider their vocation to be a call and gift from God.  Few acknowledge that God has specifically…”  continued

The Force of Favor by Lance Wallnau.  What exactly does favor do? Favor is the affection of God towards you that releases an influence through you so that other people are inclined to like, trust and cooperate with you.  Force_of_Favor.pdf

Frontline Marketplace Christians by Julie Matula.  We are living in distressful and exciting times. As marketplace leaders we need to know the “times and seasons” and be able to apply kingdom principles to the economic system. The God-given ability to know what others cannot know will cause us to stand out in the world’s system.  Frontline_Marketplace_Christians.pdf

Kings Make A Way from  “As kings, we are experiencing many breakthrough in this pioneering phase.  Strongholds are crumbling and great victories are being won.  If you happen to catch a defeat, take a second breath, and pray your way through resistance.  There is a way, you are more than a conquerer…”  continued

Marketplace Heroes by Julie Matula.  “Somewhere we bought the lie that our 9-to-5 workplace activities are second-rate in comparison to church-related responsibilities.” marketplace_heroes.pdf 

Prayer: God’s Strategy for Success in the Marketplace by Os Hillman.  “For so many, defining success is determined by finances and the number of vacations one can take.  Paul defined success in different terms.   He believed success was based on…”  Prayer_God’s_Strategy_Hillman.pdf

A New Wave of Entrepreneurial Fire is About to Hit the American Economy by Reeni Mederos.  “We will begin to see a rapid rise and explosion of entrepreneurial fire over the next 5 years extending and leveling out to about 10 years as fresh entrepreneurial anointing hits the marketplace with an unusual economic move of His Spirit.”  new_wave_of_entrepreneurial_fire_mederos.pdf

Releasing and Transferring Extraordinary Amounts of Wealth for the Kingdom Requires Patience and Faith by Peter Wagner.  “Over the past few years, I have been in the loop on several negotiations which have the potential for releasing extraordinary amounts of wealth for the Kingdom of God. None of them has happened immediately or even as quickly as I thought reasonable. In this area, we can face a serious temptation to lose patience.”  releasing_wealth_patience_faith_wagner.pdf

Riches, Wealth and Prosperity by Diane Buker.  “Prosperity primarily depends on our walk with the Lord, and our honoring of His written and prophetic word.  We do not often think of these as bringing increase, but the greatest increase comes through prosperity rather than riches or wealth.”  riches_wealth_prosperity_buker.pdf 

Transforming a City by Os Hillman.  Can a city be truly transformed for Jesus Christ? Does it seem like such a lofty goal that few will ever attain it? Well the reality is that today there are no fewer than 200 cities across the world that are in some form of transformation, according to Alistair Petrie, who spoke at the 2004 International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM) Workplace Transformation Summit. Petrie cited these cities as having a level of transformation in every aspect of their public, governmental and business life.  continued

True Riches by Randy Alcorn.– Randy Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle: Discovering the Secret of Joyful Giving, introduces readers to a revolution in material freedom and radical generosity that will change lives around the world.  “You couldn’t pay me enough not to give…”  True_riches.pdf

What Does God Say About Work? by Julie Matula.  “The ability to work is a gift from God, and if done right, is a joy. God created man and put him in the garden to be a…” continued

Your Business Is Up While Others Are Not by Sharon Gonzales.  “During Fall 2008, we conducted a three-month Business Prayer Case Study of 14 Christian profit and nonprofit business owners.  In August-September-October we targeted our prayer efforts into these businesses, stepped back, and watched what happened…”  continued


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