Question: What does God say about work?

Answer: The ability to work is a gift from God, and if done right, is a joy. God created man-shovel2.jpgman and put him in the garden to be a gardener, to work and take care of it. In the garden Adam had a job, abundance, security and a wife.  Adam also had an intimate relationship with his boss. He walked and talked with God on a regular basis. 

Contrary to what many may think, work is not a result of sin. It was part of God’s original plan for us and still is. God, in fact, works. Genesis 2:2 says, “By the seventh day God finished the work He had been doing.” God also enjoys His work because He saw it and said “it was good.”

Everything changed-took a bad turn-when sin came into the picture.  Abundance turned to lack.  Adam’s world became unsafe.  Instead of enjoying his job, Adam began to detest  his job. Work became laborious and grinding–in other words, “a real drag.”  Genesis 3:17 puts is this way: “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life.”  Work became a real PAIN, a real headache.

For some people this is the end of the story. But for God and His children there is good news. God stepped in and fixed the work-world through Jesus Christ. He sent Jesus to restore what man had messed up. God stepped in to restore the quality of life that He intended us to have from the beginning. Now through faith in Jesus Christ we can return to God’s original intent for us. Homes and families can be restored with abundance, security, plenty.  And, YES, even the joy of working can be restored.

When we bring these areas of life under submission to Jesus Christ our lives are changed and we can work at our jobs with joy instead of drudgery.  Now, work becomes an expression of praise to God as we use our talents and abilities that He has given us. We become co-creators with Him as we work to solve problems, design, construct and build with our abilities on behalf of others.

Work is NOT what we do just to earn a pay check. That is part of it, of course, but there is much more. Work is about us expressing ourselves, lifting people, helping and touching peoples’ lives.  Work gives us opportunities to perceive a need and meet that need through a product or service. Work is about doing something worthwhile with our lives. It is about blessing people at their point of need.  We go to work as instruments of God, bringing to the workplace awareness of issues that really matter to mankind, issues such as kindness, goodness, compassion, justice and mercy for all.

In essence, we go to work preaching the good news to the marketplace, expanding God’s Kingdom as we interact with people everyday, all day long.  When done with a glad and thankful heart you are restoring your own quality of your life as well as others’.  – Julie Matula, © 2008 Marketplace ALIVE!


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