Secrets of the Kingdom Economy

Discovering God's Principles for the Marketplace

Discovering God's Principles for the Marketplace

“What is unique about this moment in history is that the Lord was also promising His people an unprecedented level of involvement in the economics of this nation.  These verses represent the beginning of a second economic system.  Before this moment, God’s economic blessing was given to individuals.  Now, for the first time, we see God’s economic system being established on a national scale.  We are living in the days when God is restoring His system of economics to the marketplace in every nation on earth.  It is a system that will enable families, businesses, governments and nations to flourish because of God’s unprecedented involvement in all aspects of culture.”    (Duet. 11:10-15)    Paul L. Cuny

Quote – pg 20


Marketplace ALIVE! highly recommends this book as a resource of wisdom especially given our current economic climate.  Learn how to thrive and not just survive with these kingdom principles.


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