Your Business is Up While Others Are Not

up_arrowDuring Fall 2008, Markentplace ALIVE conducted a three-month Business Prayer Case Study of 14 Christian profit and nonprofit business owners.  In August-September-October we targeted our prayer efforts into these businesses, stepped back, and watched what happened. 

The First Report.  Each business owner maintained a keen awareness that active prayer on their behalf was making a big difference; they could feel the impact in their day-to-day activities.  These business leaders regained lost hope and began to charge forward with new momentum.  After only two months of prayer, we noticed a change in their countenance (much brighter) during our on-site visits.  They began to dream again and make plans for business prosperity.  Keep in mind–this was when our nation’s economy began to plummet.

Post-survey responses read something like this:

In what way has your relationship with God been impacted in the workplace?

Thanks so much for praying for us. We are new people…

Would you say that your faith in God and His Word has increased, stayed the same, or decreased? 

  • There is definitely an increase in knowing God is with me in my business.
  • God is truly blessing my life. Jobs are coming out ofnowhere.
  • Words will never begin to express the gratitude that I feel for the impact that Marketplace ALIVE had on our lives…

 Describe any differences in your work environment.

We feel the presence of God in our office because of your prayers.

How has your bottom line changed?

  • For six months we somehow kept the office open, although we were not receiving any business revenue. Then your team visited us, prayed for the business and encouraged us. Immediately following our meeting, the phone began to ring, and we now have more work than we can handle. It has been several months since Marketplace ALIVE met with us and prayed. We know God brought the breakthrough in our family business! 
  • Based on a prophetic word that came through the Marketplace ALIVE prayer team, we met with our landlord to renegotiate our store lease.  The landlord agreed to reduce our rent by $500 for the next six months. 
  • A new revenue source opened up to us that we had not imagined.

What new ideas did you discover that you plan to implement to enhance your revenue?

We have created and implemented a brand new marketing strategy that will open new doors for sales revenue. 

What solid hope for future financial gain do you have that you didn’t have three months ago?

  • Although other engineering businesses are feeling the economic pinch, our business has increased with two new venues opening up for us. We know it is due to the business prayer.

What happened in your business as a result of targeted business intercession?

  • We started with one business venture in our hand and now have 3!
  • At one point our multi-million dollar business was $170,000 behind in payroll taxes. Unexpectedly, a customer phoned in a $200,000 order for advance services, paid in full! 
  • I had been struggling to gain new contracts.  Prayer led me to restructure my business plan and how I think about my business.  As a result, I now have new contracts and fresh marketing venues to keep me busy.

 Our Conclusion.  We decided that targeted business prayer is the way to go to create positive movement in businesses, in spite of global economic turmoil.

Our Recommendation – Business Prayer Consulting (BPC).  BPC is biblical marketplace intercession that consistently targets success for companies.  To counteract unusual financial challenges, CEO’s are hiring ongoing intercession for their business.  It’s their aggressive marketing strategy for the changing economy.  Consider adding Business Prayer Consulting to your business plan. 

BPC improves workplace environments and relationships, creates a desire for employees to be more productive in their work, honors God in the business environment, and betters the bottom line.  With BPC, businesses increase their confidence in God as their primary business partner.  Available by contract for a reasonable monthly fee.  Contact us for your appointment by email or phone.


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